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Workshop Topics

I am available to deliver the following workshops for your community or large group. These workshops are geared to offer tools and insights that enhance relationships. Using my professional experience, with a splash of humor, I speak of the common challenges we often encounter in marriage, dating and parenting and how to address them. Call me if you are interested in scheduling a workshop.


  • The Relationship Dance
  • Can You Hear What I Am Not Saying? - Enhancing Communication in Marriage
  • The Gift of Presence- Practicing Attunement in Marriage
  • At the Heart of a Healthy Marriage- Understanding Attachment
  • Can All Hurts in Marriage Be Forgiven?
  • When there’s Trouble in Paradise; Recreating That Good Feeling


  • Can You Hear What I Am Not Saying? - Enhancing Communication in Relationships
  • Musings on the Mystery of Attraction
  • Communicating For Real in Relationships that Count- How We Connect
  • Navigation for Singles; What to look for in a Partner? ( Hint- Think Garmin)


  • Can You Hear What I Am Not Saying? –Enhancing Communication with Our Children
  • Punishment vs. Consequences When Disciplining our Children
  • Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

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